In 1999 the European Standard
EN 12193 "Light and Lighting Sports lighting" has been published. The majority of sports being practiced in Europe are part of this standard. As committee member of the European working group, Wout van Bommel has participated in the development of this standard together with other European experts. In 2008 a first revised version of this standard has been prepared by the same committee especially in order to incorporate measures for the restriction of light pollution.

The standard gives lighting values for the design of sports lighting installations for almost all sports being practiced in Europe. This is done in terms of horizontal and/or vertical illuminance, uniformity, glare restriction and colour properties of the light sources. 

The parameter used for glare restriction, GR is fully based on research carried out by a team under the leadership of van Bommel. This research resulted in a method permitting for optimizing mounting heights of the floodlights: minimum mounting heights without the risk for too much glare. From a cost point of view  such an optimization is important.

Photograph: measurement of veiling luminance, a component of GR.