Prof. Wout van Bommel MSc obtained his academic degree in physics at the University of Technology in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He worked for more than 35 years with Philips Lighting in different lighting application functions. He was, amongst others,  responsible for Philips' International Lighting Design and Application Centre (LiDAC). He has carried out research into many different road lighting, sports lighting and indoor lighting subjects. Some concepts now used in international standards for lighting are based on his research work. Many lighting installations all over the world are being designed and commissioned using these concepts. Examples are: semi-cylindrical illuminance for residential area lighting, glare rating, GR, in sports lighting, and the surround ratio, SR, in road lighting.

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For the period 2003 - 2007 he has been President of the International Lighting Commission, CIE. From the founding in 1988 to 2008  he was the Dutch representative of the European Lighting Normalisation Committee CEN TC 169.
Wout van Bommel was in 2008 and 2009 board member of the International Dark-Sky Association, IDA and of the Dutch "Light & Health Research Foundation", SOLG.
He has been a board member of the association of shareholders of DIAL, the organisation that develops and markets the free, company-neutral lighting design software DiaLux.

Wout van Bommel was in 2004 appointed Consulting Professor at the Fudan University of Shanghai and in 2008 External Examiner of the Master Course "Light and Lighting" at the University College of London (UCL- Bartlett Institute).
He has published more than 100 papers in national and international lighting journals in different languages. He is the author of the book “Road Lighting” (translated in Chinese and Polish).
All over the world he has presented papers, taught at universities and schools and given invited lectures at many different Conferences
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