News flash, May 16, 2019:
Today, on the UNESCO International Day of Light, the new book "Interior Lighting", written by Wout van Bommel, is announced at an event of the Dutch Lighting Society NSVV in Amsterdam. The book will be published with Springer in the summer of 2019.
News flash, April 2019:
On 10 Monday evenings during the 2019-2020 winter, Wout van Bommel will lecture for lighting professionals for the Dutch Lighting Society. Information and subscription: NSVV Verlichtings Collegetour.
News flash, Feb. 2019:
Wout van Bommel was the first to receive the NSVV Wout van Bommel award named after him. This award of the Dutch Lighting Society, NSVV, will from now on be awarded annually.

Fundamentals, Technology and Application


Fundamentals, Technology and Application


Prof. Wout van Bommel MSc has over 45 years of experience in road, sports, office, industrial, architectural lighting (indoor and outdoor). With his vast international experience in lighting application he advices as an independent Lighting Consultant, after his retirement from Philips Lighting,  lighting designers, researchers, companies  municipalities and governmental bodies. He assesses the quality of specifications of  lighting installations (certification). He presents papers in English, German and Dutch at congresses, symposia and workshops and teaches at lighting courses. He is available as a personal tutor for beginning presenters or those who want to improve their presentations.

Since more than 20 years Wout van Bommel is also specialized in the new subject of non-visual biological aspects of lighting influencing in turn our health and wellbeing. He gives basic and advanced lectures about lighting, health and wellbeing for both professional and laymen groups of people.

Sustainability must be key in lighting, especially because lighting uses 20% of the world's electricity. A good definition of sustainability in the context of lighting is: "balancing the positive effects of lighting on living beings with the negative impact of that lighting on the environment". Sustainability therefore not only asks for the use of the right lighting products and systems but also for the use of the right lighting specification based on the latest standards, recommendations and developments. Wout van Bommel is specialized in both these aspects.

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